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Scholarship Recipient Scholarship Recipient

The CNY A&WMA strongly believes that the key to the future of our organization is in education. That's why we maintain close ties with local schools and universities and award scholarships to local students.

The acceptance period for scholarship applications ended in February, and we are currently evaluating entries. To the right are shown our most recent scholarship winners, Allison McGowan (right) and Jordan Gray-DeKraai (far right), with our scholarship committee chairperson, Becky Corbin. Congratulations Jordan and Allison!

Scholarship availability will be announced again near the end of 2014. Please check back again.

Donations Baltimore Woods Donation

AWMA also believes strongly in supporting other like-minded environmental organizations. In the past AWMA has donated funds to organizations such as the Girl Scouts of America, Beaver Lake Nature Center, The Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, and the Central New York Envirothon to name a few.

During 2013, the CNY A&WMA was pleased to be able to present the the Central New York Envirothon with a donation of $500.00, and last year, Baltimore Woods Nature Center (pictured, right) was presented with a donation of $500.00 which will help the organization further its mission.

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